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JULY 20, 2018

New Babydoll Sheep Paddock

This week at the winery we've finished building our new Babydoll Sheep enclosure next to the winery. 

Babydoll sheep are a very important part of our sustainability efforts at Yealands Estate. What are Babydoll sheep you might ask? Essentially Babydolls are miniture sheep! Most farm animals cannot graze in vineyards durring the summer months as they will eat the grapes. These little creatures only grow to a maximum of two feet tall at the shoulders which makes them the perfect year-round lawn mower. Having the babydolls graze in our vines year round reduces our need to mow the vineyard - therefore cutting back our carbon emissions each year!

Our Babydolls will call this new paddock home - right next to the winery so our visitors can see what they're up to!