Yealands Biodiversity Plan​

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Beautifully Biodiverse 

We believe our wines are the purest expression of our precious natural resources, our beliefs, and our actions. By increasing biodiversity across our region, we believe we are creating a healthier, more resilient, and vibrant environment, that can be tasted in our wines.

The Yealands Biodiversity Plan is our long term, inter-generational commitment to enhance the precious natural resources of our region. Developed in conjunction with landscape architects, regional authorities and iwi, the plan protects and enhances sensitive natural areas including wetlands, waterways, coastal and erosion prone hill country.

It’s a commitment to plant over 1 million native trees over 270 hectares, to improve water quality, provide more habitat for wildlife, and to increase biodiversity across our region. This includes the development of educational and eco-sourcing facilities for the benefit of our community.


Our Biodiversity Plan Vision

Stage 1: Station Creek restoration (17 Ha)

Restoring the primary water way that flows the entire length of our Seaview vineyard. Removing portions of the vineyard to establish the primary channel. Riparian planting along the length of the creek to provide wildlife habitat and improve water quality. We are 2 years into this project having covered approximately 1 kilometre, and we expect to have completed this work by the end 2025.

Stage 2: Hillside Restoration (176 Ha)

Protecting steep, erosion prone land through the establishment of extensive native tree plantings.

Includes protection and propagation of endangered tree species. Work to commence 2026.

Stage 3: Wetland Restoration (46. Ha)

Wetland planting – protecting & enhancing sensitive natural area (Hog Swamp)

Stage 4: Coastal Restoration (7 Ha)

Coastal planting – preserving dynamic coastal environment.

Stage 5: Gateway plantings (11 Ha)

Opportunities to share our story visually through the development of education and storytelling facilities and experiences.

Outcomes of the plan

  • Creating a healthier eco system, that requires less intervention, and has greater resilience
  • Protecting and enhancing the natural resources that produce our unique wines
  • Creating a connected network of wetlands and waterways for migratory birds and wildlife
  • Protecting Sensitive Natural Areas (i.e. Hog Swamp)
  • Improving water quality through the enhancement of wetlands and riparian planting
  • Creating an eco-sourcing hub for the Grasmere Ecological district
  • Preserving native flora specific to the region
  • Protect and enhance endangered species (i.e. Muritai, Kaikamako)

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