Recognising our role as a responsible member of the community, Yealands Wines (Yealands) actively works alongside non-profit organisations to build a more sustainable future.

We are proud of our community ownership, the partnerships that have been established and the good that has come from our participation.

Our Yealands Marlborough Sustainability Initiative looks to support organisations doing good in the community. Recipients of these funds are achieving fantastic results preserving natural areas, enhancing flora and fauna and improving the quality of our precious waterways. Investment into local initiatives has also seen the building of a number of community assets for the benefit of residents and future generations.

Recognising the need, Yealands have invested extensively in sponsorships and charitable organisations that preserve our culture and environment. These have included, but are not limited to Sustainable Coastlines, Sustainable Business Network, The Moths and Butterflies of NZ Trust and the Omaka Classic Fighters Aviation Trust.

If your non-profit organisation is seeking a wine donation to support your endeavours, please review our donation guidelines and complete the Donation Request Form to be considered further. Donation Guidelines:

• Yealands fully complies with the Sale Of Liquor Act and the Responsible Drinking guidelines, so may request evidence that all legal measures are in place prior to supplying wine. As such any requests relating to people under the legal drinking age, operation of machinery or any activity deemed to be dangerous or unsociable will be declined.

• As a global leader in sustainability, Yealands supports activities that promote environmental enhancement, education, innovation and diversity. In addition, our preference is given to initiatives taking place within the Marlborough region.

• Given the large number of requests that Yealands receive, generally we will only consider one donation per calendar year to eligible organizations.

• We review donation requests on a fortnightly basis – please allow sufficient time for your request to be evaluated. Once approved a wine donation may take up to a week to be delivered.

• Submitting a donation request does not guarantee a donation.

Yealands Marlborough Sustainability Initiative
The Yealands Wines Marlborough Sustainability Initiative will make available $100,000 every year for local environmental projects.

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