February 2023

Yealands Reserve - Beautifully Biodiverse new look

Yealands is launching new labels on its Yealands Reserve range of wines, depicting the beautifully biodiverse flora and fauna of the vineyard. The new look was inspired by Yealands Biodiversity Plan, which commits to developing biodiversity at Yealands coastal Awatere Valley home.

Yealands Biodiversity Plan is a long term, inter-generational commitment to enhance the precious natural resources of the region. Developed in conjunction with landscape architects, regional authorities and local iwi (Māori communities), the plan protects and enhances sensitive natural areas including wetlands, waterways, coastal and erosion-prone hill country. It is a commitment to plant over 1 million native trees over 270 hectares, to improve water quality, to provide more habitat for wildlife, and to increase biodiversity across the region. This includes the development of educational and eco-sourcing facilities for the benefit of the community.

The Plan recognises the important role Yealands has to play of Kaitiaki (guardian) of the land, coast and water, and aims to enhance the natural environment to promote vine growth in beautifully biodiverse vineyards abundant in flora and fauna.

Tiffani Graydon, CEO at Yealands, comments: “Yealands Biodiversity Plan takes our ongoing commitment to the environment up another level and demonstrates how we are collaborating with and looking after nature. Through promoting biodiversity our vines burst from richer soil and thrive in a natural environment that is beautifully biodiverse and abundant in flora and fauna, producing wines bursting with flavour. Our Biodiversity Plan is also key in achieving our targets of a 50% reduction in emissions by 2030 and becoming carbon positive by 2050.”

Yealands believes its wines are the purest expression of its precious natural resources, its beliefs, and its actions, and are as vibrant as the vineyards they come from. They are beautifully biodiverse and deliver an abundance of flavour. By increasing biodiversity across its region, Yealands believes it is creating a healthier, more resilient, and vibrant environment, that can be tasted in its wines.

Yealands vision is to create nature positive, carbon positive, and beautifully biodiverse wines.

For more information about Yealands Biodiversity Plan, follow the below link.

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