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Sustainability Accreditation

Yealands Estate vineyards are all fully accredited through the Sustainable Winegrowers New Zealand programme. Our other environmental auditing initiatives include carboNZero certification and ISO14001 environmental management systems accreditation, providing a measurable and accountable method for review and improvement of our sustainability practices. We are also very excited to have our Yealands Estate Single Block M2 Sauvignon Blanc 2014 independently certified by BioGro NZ. 

Carbon Zero Certified


Yealands Family Wines is the world’s first winery to be certified carboNZeroCertTM from inception. 

Each year, a rigorous independent external audit reviews our ‘greenhouse gas’ emissions.  These gases, which include carbon dioxide (CO2), are responsible for detrimentally affecting air quality and damaging our environmental eco-systems, including a global temperature increase. 

Overseen by Landcare New Zealand, one of the eight Crown Research Institutes, our carboNZeroCertTM accreditation measures the exact carbon footprint of our Yealands Family Wines product lifecycle from “cradle to grave”.  This means that our dry good manufacturing, production, shipping and disposal of the empty bottles are all taken into account.  All unavoidable emissions, such as the production of glass bottles, freight to market and even the movements of our sales team, are also accountable during the audit. We offset these through the purchase of certified carbon credits, which include the regeneration of native forests and renewable energy generation.  

Our steadfast commitment to retaining carboNZero certification, which demands year-on-year improvement in managing and off-setting our carbon emissions, ensures that sustainability remains at the very core of Yealands Family Wines operational and strategic decisions.

Read more about the carboNZero certification.

sustainable winegrowing New Zealand


Sustainable Winegrowing New Zealand (SWNZ) is a New Zealand wine industry sustainability certification programme that was established in 1994. Our Yealands Family Wines winery, vineyards and growers are accredited under the scheme.

The programme is based upon continuous improvement and adherence to standards that reflect seven ‘pillars’ as key areas of focus: 

  • Biodiversity
  • Soil
  • Water and air
  • Energy
  • Chemicals
  • By-products
  • People
  • Business Practices

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Biogrow certified organicBIOGRO CERTIFIED ORGANIC 

We are delighted to be using all certified-organic fruit from our Marlborough Mills & Ford Vineyard in the Lower Wairau Valley in our Yealands Estate Single Block M2 Sauvignon Blanc 2014.

Our partnership with BioGro NZ Ltd has been invaluable in working closely with them through the rigorous two to three year process of becoming certified organic. 

This internationally accredited certification provides further trustworthy assurance for our consumers of the land care centric philosophy of Yealands Family Wines. Whilst the term ‘organic’ is surprisingly not regulated, BioGro Certified represents the guaranteed authentic professional validation of truly organic growing conditions, without the routine use of synthetic agricultural pesticides or fertilizers. 

To secure BioGro Certified-Organic status, a full production management plan must be carefully detailed and documented. To retain certification, Yealands Family Wines are thoroughly audited at least annually to verify continued compliance with exacting organic standards. 

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